Jan Siegel is the author of the highly-acclaimed blockbuster fantasy series the Sangreal Trilogy, (The Greenstone Grail, The Traitor’s Sword aka The Sword of Straw and The Poisoned Crown) and the Fern Capel Trilogy (Prospero’s Children, The Dragon Charmer and Witch’s Honour aka The Witch Queen).

“Prospero’s Children is a piece of pure magic – a charming, eccentric and powerfully imaginative work of fantasy which will enchant readers for years to come.”

- Clive Barker

The Devil’s Apprentice

The Devil’s Apprentice is the first book in a new series by Jan Siegel.

The Devil is retiring, weary of the long battle for the dominion of the world to which he is bound, bored of immortality and the endless banality of the evil he seeks to perpetuate and control.

But he needs a successor to take over his empire. As all the ancient spirits are sunk in senility and decay, it must be a human who will be demonised and raised to his dark throne.

Jan Siegel

The story moves from the present day, through the ancient Greece of myth and monsters; the plague-ridden London of 1665; the dark conspiracies of the Italian Renaissance – to dinosaurs, demons, and the Gothic kitchens of Gormenghast – as our heroes try to thwart the Devil’s evil plans and join the search for a missing wizard and a psychopathic Peter Pan from the seventies who never grew up.

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