Prospero’s Children

"A lyrical, captivating first novel of mermaids, magic, lost worlds, and found souls. Once read, this book will not be forgotten."

Terry Brooks

"Prospero’s Children is a piece of pure magic – a charming, eccentric, and powerfully imaginative work of fantasy which will enchant readers for years to come."

Clive Barker

The Dragon Charmer

"Lively, erudite and often poetic as before, she paints her characters and setting deftly, and successfully creates a spooky atmosphere."


"Siegel takes the stuff of great children's fantasy and recasts it as a satisfying story for adults. This and its predecessor, Prospero's Children, remind us what fantasy is for."


The Poisoned Crown

"This is quietly moral, passionately decorative fantasy about adolescents forced to make adult choices."

Time Out

The Sangreal Trilogy

"Engaging the mind amid plenty of suspense and sheer entertainment . . . [The Sangreal] books should delight kids of all ages."


The Greenstone Grail

"A pleasure and treat... told [in a] wonderful evocative tone... like Tolkien and C. S. Lewis."


Witch’s Honour

"Siegel has a poetic understanding of power and its costs... Full of set pieces of genuine beauty and terror, Siegel does Morgus’s giant spider servitor with the same skill that she created a dragon and a unicorn in earlier books. This is an admirable conclusion to an impressive fantasy trilogy."

Roz Kaveney, TLS

The Sword of Straw

"[A] spellbinding adventure."

Publishers Weekly